Executive Consultant (Corporate Advisory Services)

Vilho Natangwe Mutileni serves as an Executive Director at BSC as well as a Principal Actuarial Consultant at Octagon Actuaries and Consultants. Before assuming these positions, he was employed as an Actuarial Specialist by Old mutual Namibia, and as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of Old Mutual Namibia (2008). He also worked as an Actuarial specialist in Old Mutual South Africa before returning to Namibia. Whilst at Old Mutual, Vilho was very instrumental in setting up the company’s local actuarial department that gave technical advice to management of the Old Mutual Group. Other positions of note held, he worked as a senior statistician in the Office of the president (Namibia) NPCS-Central Bureau of Statistics, He was also contracted as an Actuarial consultant for the Motor Vehicle Accident of Namibia. Vilho has a profound understanding of the business and finance world, with an inclination towards Insurance, Investments and Risk Management.

Vilho holds:
 Bcom (Hons) in Actuarial Science - University of Cape Town. Majoring in:

Post Graduate Diploma in Management(Actuarial Conversion Course) - University of Cape Town:
Bachelor of Science: Economics and Statistics - University of Namibia.

Professional Studies

Member of the Institute of Actuaries: Currently studying towards Fellowship of the Institute – as an Investment Actuary.

Current professional qualifications:

Diploma in Actuarial techniques – Part Qualification to FIA



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