Welcome to Broadside Capital



Broadside Capital (BSC) is a Namibian advisory services firm specializing in investment, finance, business and risk solutions.

BSC was established in 2010 by a group of consultants and is fully management owned.

Our understanding of the stages and the dynamics of local economic and business cycles, as well as the critical factors that lead to success within a specific industry gives us an edge in providing unmatched world class solutions. Our services involve specialized expertise with an eye to identify opportunities and talent to convert these opportunities into achievements.

We diagnose the drivers of success and propose specific and pragmatic action plans to fully exploit the opportunities. Companies come to us with a vision, we offer them knowledge, insight, guidance and confidence to achieve it.

We believe accelerated domestic economic development can only be achieved in the presence of catalysts which propel local enterprisegrowth. We exist to augment the capacity of domestic ventures.


These are some of our Service Offerings

Advisory Services

Project & Deal Appraisal

Project & Deal Finance Solutions

Project Management

Due Diligence

Transaction Advice

Company and Investments Valuation services





Risk Solutions

Risk Broking and Placement

Insurable Risk Analysis and Management Advice

Self-Insurance Programmes set up.

Insurance and Pensions Management Consulting

Liability Modelling – Insurance, Pensions and Social Security Systems

Fidelity License Application – Insurance and Retirement Schemes

Enterprise Risk Management.

Credit Risk Modelling and Management - Banks

Investment Solutions

Investment Consulting and Advice – Institutional Clients

Private Wealth Advice – Individual Clients

Asset- Liability Modelling (Insurance and Pensions Schemes)

Investment Management – Multi Management Solutions

Business Advisory Solutions

Business planning

Strategic planning

Business Mentorship and Restructuring


Our in-house portfolio - N$ 750 mil AUM – provides limited capital to support:

  • leveraging strategies to projects or ventures in which we have equity participation exposure to.
  • Trade Transactions
  • Bridging Funding
  • Performance Guarantees

Project Experience

Some of the projects

  • IUM Student Accommodation - 500 beds - N$ 150 million.
  • Windhoek Proposed Egumbo Student Accommodation 1 000 beds - N$ 300 million.
  • Truck Port - N$ 100 million.
  • GEPF: Establishment of a Unit Trust Investment Fund.
  • GEPF: Establishment of a Kuleni Umbrella Fund.

Some of the projects

  • Osona Housing Development -N$ 150 million.
  • Agribank COVID Funding Package N$ 250 million.

Some of the projects

  • IUM Student Accommodation.
  • Egumbo Student Accommodation.
  • Preferred Management Services Housing Portfolio.
  • Sky High Properties - Residential Accommodation Eagle Views:
  • Gobabis Truck Port- N$ 100 Million.
  • Ghana Housing Development - 1 00 000 Units, US$ 4.6 Billion.
  • GIPF Pension Portfolio - N$ 120 Billion.
  • MVA Insurance Portfolio - N$ 1,7 Billion.
  • SSC Insurance Portfolio - N$ 4 Billion.
  • Business Financial Solutions BFS - SADC Fund modelling - US$ 300 Million.
  • Malawi Housing Corporation - 15 000 Units, US$ 1.1 Billion.
  • White Seal Investments - N$ 50 mil seal processing plant. Hentiesbay.

Some of the projects

  • Joint Social Security Commission - Ministry of Finance COVID Economic Stimulus package N$ 8 Billion.
  • SSC - Agribank Loan Funding - N$ 200 Million.
  • GHANA Housing.

Some of the projects

  • IUM Student Accommodation - in progress: Target N$ 150 Million.
  • Preferred Management Services - Preferred Investment Property Trust N$ 250 Million.
  • Sky High Properties - Residential Accommodation Eagle Views N$ 40 Million.
  • Palm Hotel Windhoek- N$ 25 Million.
  • Gobabis Truck Port - in progress Target N$ l 00 Million.
  • Air Namibian restructuring Funding N$ 400 Million. (Funding Secured - on going).
  • TransNamib restructuring Funding N$ 2.5 Billion. (Funding secured - however put on hold).